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How about heat conducting oil furnace

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How about heat conducting oil furnace

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The outlet temperature of liquid-phase heat carrier furnace is low and the heat supply is insufficient, while the exhaust temperature is over 300 C, which is mainly the problem of ash accumulation, so soot blowing should be carried out in time. If the exhaust temperature is low, the combustion problem is mainly caused by insufficient air induction. Although the furnace is under positive pressure, the blast capacity is not large, the furnace temperature is low, and the combustion intensity is not enough. Emphasis should be placed on checking whether the water seal of the slag discharger at the back of the furnace and the ash outlet of the dust collector are well sealed and whether there is a large amount of cold air leaking in.

When the pressure difference before and after the filter increases and the inlet pressure of the pump decreases, the price of the heat conducting oil stove may be blocked by the filter screen. The filter should be disassembled and cleaned by opening a bypass.

Common Faults and Treatment of Chain grate

If the grate stops rotating, it may be that the chain is too loose, the mesh with the sprocket is not good, or the sprocket is worn seriously, and the connection with the chain is not good; if the adjusting screw on both sides is readjusted, the grate is tightened, and if it is still not normal, the sprocket needs to be replaced.

The grate is stuck. The reasons are often broken grate pieces or loose grate pieces after the pins fall off; metal inclusions in coal will trap grate; grate pieces arch; slag retainer (eagle iron) tip sinks, the grate will be trapped. Processing method: Remove debris by hand, replace broken grate pieces and start again. If the grate is stuck again after start-up, check the reason in detail after stop rotating and solve it. If the Eagle Iron sinks, the fire door on both sides can be pulled straight with an iron hook.

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