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The original manufacturer of heat conducting oil furnace

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The original manufacturer of heat conducting oil furnace

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Because pure smokeless re-energy-saving technology uses the power-saving system of PID frequency conversion and ABM, which saves 40% of the power compared with traditional boilers, and the volatile can realize more than 90% combustion and utilization, while the volatile of traditional boilers only burns out about 78%, and 22% of the smoke and dust are discharged into the atmosphere. The pure smokeless re-energy-saving swirl technology makes the ash combustion rate reach 97%, while the traditional boiler cinder combustion rate is only about 80%. It is for these reasons that the pure smokeless energy-saving technology can raise the furnace temperature from 1200 to about 1500 degrees C, thus realizing power saving and coal saving.

The heat conducting oil furnace (organic heat carrier heating furnace) uses coal, heavy oil, light oil, combustible gas and other combustible materials as fuel and heat conducting oil as heat carrier. The circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase circulation, and the heat energy is conveyed to the heating equipment, then returned to the reheated DC special industrial furnace.

Abnormal condition of circulating pump

When the current of the circulating pump is lower than the normal value, it shows that the efficiency of the circulating pump decreases and the flow rate decreases. The price of the heat conducting oil furnace may be the fouling blockage of the heating pipeline, which should be cleaned.

If the circulating pump pressure remains unchanged and the current increases while the flow rate decreases, the heat conducting fluid will deteriorate and the viscosity will increase, so it should be replaced or regenerated in time. If the water-bearing or decomposed gas in the newly heated conductive fluid is not excluded in the system, the vent valve should be opened immediately to discharge the gas.

Circulating pump current decreases, outlet pump pressure returns to zero, indicating that the pump does not supply oil when idling. It may be oil vaporization, find out the cause of vaporization and take measures; if the filter is blocked and the circulating pump is emptied, the by-pass cleaning filter should be opened immediately; if the water content of the new heat conducting fluid or the gas decomposed by water is not eliminated in the system, the exhaust valve should be opened immediately.

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