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How about heat conducting oil furnace

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How about heat conducting oil furnace

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Necessary Conditions of Heat Conducting Oil Furnace before Operation

1. To go through the registration formalities for the heat conducting oil stove and get the registration certificate for its use. After the installation of the new furnace, it shall pass the inspection and acceptance of the local boiler inspection institute. The employer shall fill in the "boiler registration card" and go through the registration formalities with the boiler safety supervision department of the local quality and technical supervision bureau, and obtain the registration certificate for the use of the new furnace. The unlicensed furnace shall not be put into operation.

2. Furnace supervisors shall be assessed by the quality and technical supervision department and hold the Operation Certificate of Heat Carrier Furnace Division. Furnace supervisors shall be trained in heat carrier furnace expertise in addition to meeting the requirements of industrial boiler division.

3. Users should have a sound management system and safety operating rules.

Preparations before ignition

1. Inspection and preparation of internal and external organic hot-load furnaces, including:

The residual water in the heat conducting oil furnace has been exhausted and dried out; the impurities in the furnace have been cleaned up; the inspection holes and manholes have been sealed, and the use of fillers meets the medium requirements of heat carrier furnace.

Inspection of safety accessories and protective devices

The needle valve or globe valve at the front end of pressure gauge elbow is fully open. Pressure gauge accuracy, range, dial diameter meet the requirements, no pressure when the pointer back to zero.

The valve of the drain pipe of the level gauge is closed, and the drain pipe has been correctly connected with the storage tank.

Thermometers and automatic recording instruments have been checked and qualified. Overtemperature and overpressure alarms and automatic interlocking protection devices have been put into operation. There is no abnormality in electrical control contacts.

Inspection of combustion ventilation equipment, no abnormality.

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