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Cautions for the Use of Electric Heating Pipes

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Cautions for the Use of Electric Heating Pipes

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Flange heating pipe alias heating pipe, heating pipe, alias tubular electric heater components, is placed in the metal hose in a rolled strip of heating wire (resistance line), heating platform manufacturers and filling in its periphery and gap part of the insulation layer powder (MgO) with excellent temperature resistance, heat transfer and dielectric strength. The two sides of the heating wire have found rods or lead-out wires. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high impact toughness, high thermal efficiency, reliable, simple installation and long service life.

What is the classification of heating tubes? Let's see:

1. According to the method of exit, it can be divided into single-end electric heating pipe and double-end heating pipe.

2. According to the classification of materials, it can be divided into stainless steel heating pipe, calcite heating pipe, Teflon heating pipe and titanium heating pipe.

3. According to the shape classification, it can be divided into straight heating pipe, U-shaped heating pipe, L-shaped heating pipe, W-shaped heating pipe, plate-fin heating pipe and special-shaped heating pipe.

The electric heat pipe is composed of spiral resistance wire of metal hose and crystalline magnesia powder. Electric heat pipe products usually use high-quality imported stainless steel pipe, imported high-temperature magnesia powder, high-quality heating wire and other raw materials to make ironing components, stainless steel plate to make other parts of the structure, with high-quality overall characteristics, but also has a longer service life, very easy to repair. Heating tube is specially designed for converting electromagnetic energy into energy. It is easy to use, easy to install and environmentally friendly. It is widely used in various electric heater places.

Interpretation of common problems in the application and storage of electric heat pipes is given.

1. Heating pipes should be positioned and fixed accurately. Reasonable scalding area must be all infiltrated into liquid or metal material liquids. Air burning is prohibited. When dirt or carbon deposit is found on the surface of the nozzle, it should be removed immediately for washing and reuse in order to prevent the heat pipe from dissipating heat and reduce its service life.

2. When heating fusible metals or solid-state hard disks, such as nitrate, alkali, leaching and paraffin, the application voltage should be reduced first, and the rated current can be raised after the medium melts.

3. Magnesium oxide powder at the outlet of heating pipe can prevent air pollutants and water from penetrating into the application site and avoid the occurrence of power safety accidents.

4. When heating the gas, the components should be ordered symmetrically, so that the components have excellent heat pipe heat dissipation standards, so that the passing air energy water heater can be adequately heated.

5. Safety precautions should be taken into account when warming up nitrate to prevent explosions.

6. The wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer to prevent contact with corrosion, flammable media and water; the wiring should also bear part of the temperature and heating load for a long time, and the wiring screw should be tightened to prevent excessive effort.

7. Components should be stored in a dry place. If the grounding resistance is less than 1M_for a long time, it can be restored in a drying oven above and below 200 degrees Celsius, or the working voltage of the electrified heater can be reduced until the grounding resistance is repaired.

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