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Daily Maintenance Method of Heater

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Daily Maintenance Method of Heater

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Maintenance of Electric Heater in Peacetime

1. After the electric heater has been running for a period of time (according to the customer's application status), the spark plug should be twisted to remove the coke. If the spark plug is burnt out, the new spark plug should be removed and replaced.

2. If there is too much carbon deposit and the thermal efficiency decreases, the coke deposit in the inner cavity radiator and combustion chamber of the water jacket should be removed.

3. If it is found that the intake manifold exhaust pipe and drip pipeline of the electric heater server are blocked by soil, please clear and transport immediately. Please keep the electric heater cabin clean, and no flammable dirt is allowed around it.

4. Ensure that automobile fuel tank, oil pipeline and oil-water separator relay are cleaned up to avoid waste blocking fuel pipeline.

5. The automobile antifreeze liquid, which is consistent with the external working temperature, should be used as heating medium in the respiratory system of electric heater.

6. The centrifugal pump of electric heater should be maintained regularly according to the customer's application condition. If the common faults such as seepage of sealing components or difficult start-up and operation of centrifugal pump are found, it should be repaired immediately.

7. The automatic control system box on the electric heater server, the oil-water separator electromagnetic induction rice and its electrical components are maintained in accordance with the usual maintenance mode of low-voltage electrical appliances. The technical parameters of the automatic control system box of the thermostatic heating platform manufacturer are carefully adjusted by the manufacturer before the original factory. Customers should not modify it privately.

8. Ensure that the thermal control is in good condition in other words and maintained regularly. If you find that the micro switch is not working or damaged, please remove it immediately.

9. The main motors used in electric heaters usually need not be repaired for 5000 hours. If the application time is too long or other reasons lead to abnormal work, they should also be repaired to check the damage of motor carbon brushes or the lubrication condition of rolling bearings. If necessary, add lubricating grease or remove motor carbon brushes.

10. In warm season, electric heater should not be used during the period, please start 4-5 times a quarter, each operation for about 5 minutes, to ensure that the electric heater will run normally when it is applied.

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