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Definition of Constant Temperature Heating Platform

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Definition of Constant Temperature Heating Platform

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1. Temperature control heating platform is all made of stainless steel. It is beautiful, Guizhou generous, light weight, small floor area and fairly damp-proof design. It is also necessary to adopt heat insulation design scheme between outer and inner gallbladder. Thermostatic heating platform manufacturer can prevent the outflow of energy in working system engineering and prevent the freezing cracking of barrel body in winter.

2. All the warming weapons and equipment of the temperature control warming table adopt 3.7L stainless steel seamless tube and high quality magnesium oxide powder. In the examination of unique standards, its corrosion resistance, dielectric strength and impact resistance far exceed the family limits.

3. At the design level of water flow, the temperature control heating platform enriches the application of gold and silver fulcrum to the design scheme of its water flow and ensures that it has the advantages of high actual heating effect and no convex and concave temperature blind zone in water flow.

Electromagnetic induction feels that the temperature control heating table is the equipment which uses the basic principle of electromagnetic induction feels to convert electromagnetic energy into energy. Electromagnetic Induction Controller generates alternating current from 230 V, 60/65Hz AC current rectifier, then converts alternating current into high-frequency high-voltage iron tower with frequency of 30-50khz. The high-frequency piezoelectric current with variable speed will produce alternating current electromagnetic field with variable speed through the electromagnetic coil. When the electromagnetic force line in the electromagnetic field is generated in the metal material body according to the conductive tape electromagnetic metal composite material. Tens of thousands of small vortices make the metal composite materials fever quickly and reach the objects in the warming metal composite material barrel.

The key of the air tube temperature control heating platform is to heat the air tube vapor body. The specifications and models are divided into ultra-low temperature, medium and high temperature. The thick steel plate supporting point heating pipe is used in the rational layout, and the terminal is equipped with superheating protection equipment. The electric heat pipe of the control layer and the centrifugal fan are connected to each other to ensure that the centrifugal fan starts together, that is to say, the centrifugal fan must be started first. After that, the temperature control heating table can be started. A gas pressure device is added around the temperature control and heating table to prevent common faults of centrifugal fan. The air pressure of temperature-controlled heating table usually does not exceed 0.4 kg/cm2. If you need to exceed the left and right working pressure, please use the circulating electric temperature-controlled heating table; the temperature of super-low temperature type temperature-controlled heating table does not exceed 165 C; the medium temperature type does not exceed 280 C; and the high temperature type does not exceed 600 C.

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