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Cautions for Installation of Single Head Electric Heating Pipe

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Cautions for Installation of Single Head Electric Heating Pipe

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The traditional single-head electric heating tube is also called card electric heating tube or cartridge electric heating tube. Single-end heating tube can be divided into low power density single-end heating tube and high power density single-end heating tube.

This kind of electric heat pipe is a small size, high efficiency and high power density electric heating element. The manufacturers of constant temperature heating platform can insert metal holes or vents, with excellent performance and strong heating capacity.

Cautions for customized installation of single-end heating pipe:

1. The plug-in electric heat pipe itself is of high watt density. Often, due to poor heat transfer, the outer tube blackens, and the inner tube accelerates the ageing of the electric heating wire at high temperature, resulting in the breakage of the electric heating wire.

2. We should pay attention to the accuracy of deep hole processing of die, not drilling at both ends, because the connection can not be closed and there are large air holes, so that the heat pipe is not well heated and the body temperature is uneven.

3. It should be noted that the magnesia powder at the outlet of the electric heat pipe can not be infiltrated by pollutants or water to prevent leakage. It is better to leave 5 m/m outside the die.

4. When starting to use the electric heat pipe, it is best to preheat for 5 minutes, so as to avoid the danger of leakage due to moisture or moisture in the air, so the ground wire must be installed when using the electric heat pipe.

5. It is not easy to replace the electric heat pipe in the future that the heating area of the electric heat pipe should be protected from leakage and air burning from the outside and the use of heat conducting mud should be avoided in order to avoid carbon accumulation and internal hole leakage.

1. It is very important to choose the material for making single-end heating rod used in mechanical equipment. The common material is stainless steel 201, the medium material is stainless steel 304, and the better material is imported Germany 321 (high-temperature steel pipe). Magnesium powder, high-temperature steel pipe and nickel-chromium electric heating wire are made of different materials. Their temperature-resistant life and price are quite different.

2. Whether the temperature of heating tube matches the design temperature or not, if the limit exceeds the design temperature, the service life of heating tube is sure to be short. Furthermore, whether the single heating tube with suitable power is selected according to the designed temperature when designing.

3. Whether the clearance between the single-end heating pipe and the die hole matches when the single-end heating rod is used in the packaging machine.

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