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Pipe heater manufacturer

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Tube heater is mainly an electric heating device for heating medium, which converts electricity into heat energy. The price of pipe heater adopts stainless steel electric heating tube as heating element. There are many guide plates inside the product, which guide the retention time of the medium in the inner chamber, so that the medium can be fully heated uniformly and the heat exchange rate can be improved. The internal high temperature voltage system of pipeline electric heater is composed of metal pipes. When working, the high temperature circulating system has MgO and Al with good insulation and thermal conductivity. The two ends of the pipe mouth are sealed by silica gel ceramics. The structure is not only advanced, but also the heating effect is excellent. It is an energy-saving and environmental-friendly pipeline electric heater.

2. Technical characteristics of heaters:

1. The medium can be heated to a high temperature, up to 850 C, and the shell temperature is only about 50 C.

2. High efficiency: up to 0.9; 3. The heating and cooling rate is fast, up to 10 C/S, and the adjustment process is fast and stable. There will be no temperature advance and lag phenomenon in the controlled medium, which will lead to the fluctuation of control temperature, so it is suitable for automatic control.

4. Good mechanical properties: because its heater is a special alloy material, it has better mechanical properties and strength than any heater under the impact of high-pressure air flow, which is more advantageous to the system and accessories test that requires continuous air heating for a long time.

5. Without violating the use process, the service life can be as long as several decades, which is durable.

6. Clean air and small volume;

Various types of electric heaters for pipelines can be designed according to the needs of users.

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