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How to use the air heater safely?

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How to use the air heater safely?

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A multi-turn primary coil and a few-turn secondary coil are installed on the same core. The ratio of input to output voltage is equal to the ratio of coil turns, while the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary coil generates high current at low voltage. For the induction heater, the bearing is a short-circuit single-coil secondary coil, which carries a large current at a lower AC voltage, thus generating a large amount of heat. The heater itself and yoke are kept at room temperature. Because of the current generated by this heating method, the bearings are magnetized. It is important for manufacturers of heating platforms to ensure that bearings will be de-magnetized in the future so that they will not absorb metal magnetic debris in operation. FAG induction heater has automatic degaussing function.

It uses metal to generate eddy current and heat itself in alternating magnetic field. It is usually used in metal heat treatment and so on. The theory is that currents are generated by electromagnetic induction in thicker metals in alternating magnetic fields. When a thicker metal generates an electric current, it travels through the metal along a spiral path, so any heat generated by the current is absorbed by the metal itself, which warms it up rapidly.

The high temperature resistance wires uniformly distributed in seamless stainless steel tubes with high temperature resistance, dense part of the gap fills the crystalline magnesia powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation performance. This structure is not only advanced, but also has high thermal efficiency, even heating. When the high temperature resistance wire diffuses to the metal surface by heat through the crystallization of magnesia powder in the current, it can be heated by heating or air.

Electric heater is mainly used for air temperature which needs air flow. The initial heating temperature should be above 850 C.

Air heater is a pressure vessel. In order to resist oxidation of high temperature air, stainless steel must be used. The heating element of air heater is stainless steel electric heat pipe. A plurality of baffles are arranged in the inner chamber of the heater, which can prolong the air retention time in the inner chamber of the heater and improve the heat exchange efficiency. Properly increasing the number of heating tubes can not only improve the installation power of air heater, but also shorten the heating time of production line. Air heater has a wide range of applications. It can heat any gas. The hot air produced is dry without water, electricity, combustion, explosion, chemical corrosion, pollution-free, safe and reliable, and the heating space rises quickly.

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