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How about the heater

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How about the heater

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Industrial electric heater refers to the electric heating equipment used in factories, workshops and other industrial fields. The industrial electric heater is mainly composed of air heater and fan. It adopts advanced and efficient non-reddish electric heating pipe. The machine is equipped with imported high-efficiency light trigger switch, which makes the operation simple and reliable. It is suitable for various types of workshops where air is allowed to be recycled. When there is no dust and flammable gas in the air, it can be used for circulating air heating. Industrial electric heater is the preferred product for upgrading modern industrial heat source. Warmer distributor is the best configuration of hot air source for automatic machinery such as hot air conveyor, drying furnace, oven and packaging machine.

1. Continuously adjustable temperature

2. Double automatic overheating protection, manual restart device

3. Special warm air start-up and automatic cooling shutdown device. The electric heat pipe is pre-heated to a certain temperature before automatically starting the fan to ensure that the warm air is on and off; after stopping heating, the fan automatically runs for a period of time to ensure that the whole machine is automatically stopped after cooling to the appropriate temperature, which enhances the safety of the equipment and the convenience of operation. High-quality components and materials are used to ensure product quality.

4. High temperature resistant silica gel wire is used in inner conductor to prolong service life.

5. Use imported connectors to ensure reliability and safety of electrical connections

6. The electric heat pipe is made of 304 stainless steel and the internal filler is made of imported high temperature crystalline magnesium powder, which ensures the stability of heating and prolongs the service life of heating components.

7. Structural design is reasonable and beautiful, the support is stable and beautiful, with wall hooks, swing, hanging and lifting convenience. The rear anti-sparrow net cover design effectively increases the efficiency of air intake, is more conducive to motor heat dissipation, and saves the corresponding space.

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