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Heater Fan Price

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Heater Fan Price

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Small heater

(1) In order to make the temperature field uniform and maintain a certain cross-section speed, when choosing the heater, the number of air circulation in the workshop should be checked and calculated, generally not less than 1.5 times per hour.

(2) When arranging the heater, it is advisable to connect the jet of the heater with each other. The producer of the heater makes the heating space form a general air circulation.

(3) The heater should not be placed on the outside wall to blow vertically indoors.

(4) The installation elevation of the bottom of the heater shall meet the following requirements:

When the outlet wind speed is less than 5 m/s, take 2.5-3.5 m; when the outlet wind speed is more than 5 m/s, take 4-5.5 M.

(5) The range X of the heater can be estimated according to the following formula:

X = 11.3v0D

The range of X - heater, m;

V0 - outlet wind speed of heater, m/s;

D - Equivalent diameter of heater outlet, M.

(6) The temperature of air supply should not be lower than 35 degrees C and higher than 55 degrees C.

Large heater

When using large-scale heater for heating, because the exit speed and air volume are very large, it should be arranged along the length direction of the workshop, the distance between the outlet and the side wall should not be less than 4m, the airflow range should not be less than the length of the workshop heating area, there should be no structure or large equipment in the range area, and the height of the outlet from the ground should meet the following requirements:

When the lower chord of the factory building is less than 8 m, 3.5-6 m is suitable.

When the lower chord of the workshop is more than 8 m, 5-7 m should be taken.

Large heaters should not be placed near the door of the workshop. The height of the bottom of the suction outlet from the ground should not be greater than 1 m or less than 0.3 M.

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