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Explosion-proof duct heater

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Explosion-proof duct heater

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It is strictly forbidden to mix steam tracing with electric tracing. The insulating layer should not be destroyed when the heating belt is installed. It should be attached to the heated body to improve the thermal efficiency. If the heat tracer is a non-metallic body, viscose tape is used to increase the contact heat transfer area, and nylon tape is used to fix it. Metal wire binding is strictly prohibited. The medium at the flange is easy to leak. When winding the electric heater, it should be avoided directly below. One end of the heating belt is connected to the power supply, the other end of the core is strictly prohibited from short connection or contact with conductive substances and cut into "V" type. The price of the air duct heater must be tightly enclosed with matching heads. In waterproof and explosion-proof occasions, matching explosion-proof junction boxes and terminals should be provided. Silicone rubber seals shall be applied after wiring (the shielding layer shall be peeled off 10 cm at the end of the heating zone to prevent short circuit); insulation with hot spots shall be measured one by one during installation, and the shielding layer shall be grounded.

Air duct heater is mainly used for air heating in air duct. Its specifications can be divided into three forms: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. In structure, the steel plate is used to support the electric heat pipe to reduce the vibration of the electric heat pipe when the fan stops, and the over-temperature control device is installed in the junction box. Low-temperature type can be installed directly in the air duct, while medium-temperature type and high-temperature type have insulation material between the outer wall of the passage and the junction box of the heater because of their different structures. On the one hand, it reduces the external heat dissipation of the whole passage, on the other hand, it also reduces the temperature in the junction chamber.

1. The electric heating element uses outer-wound heat-sinking fins, which increases the heat-sinking area and greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.

2. Reasonable design of heater, small wind resistance, uniform heating, no high or low temperature dead angle.

3. Double protection, good safety performance. Temperature controllers and fuses are installed on the heater, which can be used to control the air in the air duct to work at super temperature and without wind, so as to ensure that there is no mistake.

4. It can heat the air to a very high temperature, up to 500 degrees Celsius, and the shell temperature is only about 50 degrees.

5. High efficiency, up to 0.9.

6. The heating and cooling rate is fast, and the regulation is fast and stable. There will be no advanced or lagging phenomenon of controlled air temperature, which makes the temperature control float indefinitely. It is very suitable for automatic temperature control.

7. It has good mechanical properties because its heater is a special alloy material, so it is under the impact of high-pressure air flow.

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