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Pipe heater price

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The outlet and inlet of the power cord shall be firm and reliable, and shall not be loosened. Before use, check the power supply line, temperature measuring element output connection is correct, control cabinet components, nuts are loose and damaged, if there are abnormal tightening or replacement in time, confirm that there is no error can be turned on for test run. The main steps are as follows:

1. Close the water pipe switch, turn on the power indicator, and display the temperature indicator.

2. Temperature setting

3. After the temperature is set, if there is no abnormal situation, the "heater work" button can be pressed, the AC contactor is sucked, the power is obtained at the inlet end of the solid state relay, and the piping heater manufacturer controls the heater by the PID signal output from the digital thermometer. At the initial start-up, the phenomenon of temperature overshoot may occur, but gradually tends to be within a constant range.

Maintenance and Maintenance

Water pipe heater, especially the control part, is a precision instrument. When transporting, it should be handled carefully and lightly. Striking and impact are strictly prohibited. The simplified part should be properly hoisted to avoid deformation and damage to internal heating elements. Water pipe heaters and control cabinets are kept in storage, and no rain is allowed.

Fault 1: The power indicator is not on, the digital display meter is not working, and the voltmeter has no indication. Check whether the water pipe switch is closed and the fuse in the control loop is in good condition.

Fault 2: Heater temperature does not rise. Check whether the fuse is in good condition and the electric heater is damaged.

Fault 3: Three-phase unbalance.

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