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How about the pipe heater

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How about the pipe heater

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Characteristics of Pipe Heater

Pipeline heater adopts stainless steel cylinder body, which is small in size, occupies less space and is easy to move. It has strong corrosion resistance. Thicker insulation layer is used between stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel outer shell, with the lowest degree of temperature loss, keeping temperature and saving electric energy.

The main parts of high quality heating elements (stainless steel electric heating tubes) are made of imported materials. Advanced production equipment and technology are also used in the process of processing, which can cooperate with different voltages to achieve the highest performance. Its insulation, voltage resistance and moisture resistance are higher than those of national standards, and its use is safe and reliable.

The design of flow direction is reasonable, the heating is uniform, there is no dead angle of high and low temperature, and the thermal efficiency is high.

Pipe heaters are equipped with temperature controllers of well-known brands in China. Users can set the temperature freely. All equipped with overheat protector, used to control temperature and water shortage overtemperature protection, to avoid damage to heating elements and systems.

Installation and use

The control cabinet should be installed in a dry and ventilated place for easy operation. The shell of water pipe heater and control cabinet should be grounded reliably, the water pipe heater should be installed horizontally, and the base nut should be tightened to make it stable. When installing the body and external pipeline, attention should be paid to the direction of import and export. Before using the water pipe heater, the insulation resistance between the power supply access terminal and the metal shell should not be less than 2M, and the relative humidity of the environment should not be less than 85%.

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