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Maintenance of constant temperature heating platform?

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Maintenance of constant temperature heating platform?

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1. Maintenance of temperature control heating platform:

1. The working voltage of the switching power supply is 230VAC, and there must be three-hole plug and leakage protector for the wire connector. The power plug inserted into the back socket of the machine equipment must be checked to see if there is a strong plug. The problem of virtual connection can not occur, or it is easy to ignite and burn the power plug.

2. Cross-professionals should not open the enclosure or modify the internal wiring privately.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use temperature control and heating table around flammable gases and explosives.

4. The invalid hand touches the heater immediately. We should pay attention to the work and strictly prevent burns.

5. This product is a high-temperature machine and equipment. When not in use, remember to turn off the switch power supply in case of accidents.

6. When moving the temperature control heating table in the middle, the switching power supply must be disconnected before the heating table water is cooled to the indoor temperature.

5. The machine has air-cooled heat pipe to dissipate heat. Do not block the side air intake of the machine.

6. When the fuse tube must be removed, the plug of the power cord must be unplugged before it is removed to prevent the risk of electric shock.

7. The manufacturers of heating platforms propose to apply some common cleaning fluids and tap water for cleaning electric heating plates. If there are many liquids, it can be polished with fine sandpaper.

2. Common problems in the application of temperature control heating platform:

1. The power plug inserted into the back socket of the machine equipment must be checked whether there is a strong plug, can not appear virtual connection problem, or is it easy to ignite and burn the power plug?

2. Start-up heating temperature will exceed the customer's set temperature of 3-5 degrees. After ten minutes, the temperature will be reduced to the set temperature. This feature can improve the temperature uniformity of the heating table.

3. Because the heater is machined, there is residual automobile oil in the screw hole. After high temperature, it will volatilize, and there will be milky white smoke and odor. This problem is a normal problem. After a period of application, this problem will disappear.

4. The crisp noise of the machine and equipment is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of the heating pipe and the friction between the edge of the installation hole and the pressing plate. Please be assured that it is not easy to buy.

5. The aging test has already passed 28 hours before the original plant is ready. Do not change the internal basic parameters privately. If human factors change the parameters incorrectly and cause damage to machinery and equipment and workers, the enterprise will not be responsible for it.

6. The quality assurance of this commodity is based on the standard of selecting all the parts of famous brand genuine parts, otherwise the quality is not guaranteed.

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