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Maintenance of Heating Platform

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Maintenance of Heating Platform

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The heating platform is a manual tool commonly used in the welding method of electronic devices. According to the heating of solder (usually tin wire), it can melt and then weld two steel parts. Large-scale heating platform manufacturers have many ways to control the temperature, but the simple way is to use electricity to control, heating platform according to the rapid heat transfer of soldering iron to steel parts and then control the temperature. Another way is to use a temperature controller to control the temperature according to whether it is turned on or off.

Temperature control heating table is a planned heater for temperature stabilization control. The key points are suitable for heating, welding and maintenance of aluminum-based PCB circuit board and the places where temperature must be controlled steadily. For example, welding of LedLED lamp beads on aluminum substrate, heating of PCB circuit board, organic chemistry experiment, heating and dry solidification, welding of power chip of intermediate relay, etc. The actual operation is simple and convenient. With high efficiency, it is a good assistant for your production and manufacture.

Common problems with Maintain: Application Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain

1. Before application, please scrub and wash the working face of high temperature heating table. No water droplets, waste, scaling and other dirty residues are allowed on it. The 700 degree high temperature heating table includes welding high temperature heating table for Led aluminum substrates, soldering tin wire table for Led LED beads, Led LED beads maintenance table, Led heating platform, Led maintenance heating table, etc.

2. Heating the sample bottles or other containers. 700 degree high temperature heating table LCD maintenance heating table category: including high temperature heating table, LCD display machine equipment, LCD screen maintenance, LCD screen maintenance, mobile phone LCD screen maintenance machine equipment, wire removal row and so on.

3. The high-temperature electric heater is connected to the power supply, covered with the main switch of the power supply, and the display lamp is on. (Temperature control setting needs temperature value.) The heating board is working. Adjusting the knob (adjusting the heating rate required), when the temperature of the heading face rises, adjusting the knob to slow the heating of the heating plate, and establish a long-term work, is conducive to improving the service life of the heating plate.

4. When the di n rboard is working, it needs special person to take care of it.

5. When the digital heating station is finished, the power supply power switch is disconnected and the switching power supply is disconnected. High temperature heating platform for electronic components: electronic components heating platform, hardware parts heating service platform, component heating platform, heating service platform. After water cooling in the heading face, the problem shall be solved according to the regulations.

Large-scale heating platform manufacturers warmly welcome you, our supply: high temperature heating table, high temperature electric heating plate, high temperature electric heater, high temperature electric heater, digital display heating table, heating heater, temperature control heater, warmly welcome to dial funds for consultation and discussion!

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