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How to operate the thermostatic heating platform?

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How to operate the thermostatic heating platform?

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1. Aluminum Profile Service Platform is made of high-quality aluminium alloy profiles with thickness of 30mm. Aluminum profile service platform is fixed with four screws, and easy disassembly and assembly is suitable for long-term maintenance or disassembly of heating pipes.

2. 1.6 mm thick 316 mirror glass stainless steel, with thermal anti-radiation source effect, improve the environmental protection and energy saving rate and the temperature of the protection service platform to the box body. Keep the shell at a minimum temperature of about 50 C, and make the cables and elements of the box body.

Components have longer service life.

Thirdly, 316 stainless steel pipe supports can maintain the sea level of the service platform for aluminium profiles. The shell of thermostat heating platform manufacturer is made of 1.3 mm cold rolled steel plate. The paint sprayed with metal material can be baked at high temperature for 5 years without paint falling off or discoloring.

4. Warming power switch. Turn on this power switch to control temperature service platform. Warming up to control temperature is just beginning.

Fifth, heating lamp, turn on the heating power switch when the lamp is on. When the lamp is on for a long time, the expression temperature does not exceed the preset value. When the lamp shines, the expression has entered the temperature control situation.

6. Switching power supply lamp, when the power plug is plugged into the live socket, the lamp will be on if 230 ACV switching power supply is all right, the lamp will be on for a long time. This lamp does not flash to show that there is no 230 ACV switching power supply on the bare machine.

7. Intelligent temperature controller adopts PID to carry out ambiguity and operation intelligently. It can automatically adjust the main parameters. Single and double row digital technology tubes with decimal display information have a linearity of 0.3 degrees and the characteristics will not change. The design scheme has a service life of 5 years.

8. The main parameter setting key can be reached by pressing it for 3 seconds.

Ninth, the decimal move key, the point press this key decimal digits can be shifted from one offset to ten decimal digits stop on which number can be added or subtracted for the number to implement the change of this large number;

10. Decremental key. Pressing this key can reduce the temperature of the temperature control and heating table.

Eleventh National Day, plus key, click on this key can control the temperature of the heating table to enhance.

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