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Instructions for Use of Constant Temperature Heating Table

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Instructions for Use of Constant Temperature Heating Table

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Firstly, the characteristics of manufacturers of constant temperature heating platforms are as follows:

1. Select the digital display temperature controller with artificial intelligence technology, which has high precision, simple and convenient operation safety.

2. Selection of high-quality solid-state hard disk SSR automotive relay, service life is 150 times of the general contact type automotive relay;

3. Selecting several high-quality stainless steel plate heating pipes saves time and effort in overhaul and has a low repairing rate.

11. All the control panels are made of pure aluminium raw materials, which have the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, fast heating and even heating.

4. Furnace wall chassis is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel sheets. There are no drawbacks such as paint loss and rust when applied in non-unique natural environment.

6. The automatic control system is equipped with the cooling fan and heat pipe heat dissipation dialog box (because the temperature control system software can not work long-term under high temperature of about 46 degrees, otherwise it will report the fee early).

Second, technical specifications and models:

Switching power supply: 230V (60 Hz); Manipulation temperature range: room temperature - 300 C; Linearity: 1 C

Categories: Integral (height-width ratio 130 mm), Separate (height-width ratio 63 mm), High temperature (indoor temperature ~350 degrees)

Specification Model: ET-60: Heater Specification Model 60x50x145mm S 1, Output Power 90W (MAX), Net Weight: 3.1KG

ET-75: Heater Specification Model 75x70x145mm S 1, Output Power 280W (MAX), Net Weight: 3.2KG

ET-150: heater specification model 150x100x145mm, output power 350W (MAX), net weight: 3.6KG

ET-1510: heater model 130x100x145mm, output power 600W (MAX), net weight: 3.9KG

ET-130: 130x150x145mm x 1, output power 600W (MAX), net weight: 9.6KG

ET-150: heater specification model 150x200x145mm, output power 700W (MAX), net weight: 6.3KG

ET-3020: heater specification model 400X 200X 20mm, output power 1500W (MAX), net weight: 6KG

ET-Computer Housekeeper: Heater Specification Model Computer Housekeeper x250x145mm S 1, Output Power 3000W (MAX), Net Weight: 6.5K

ET-350: heater model 350x300x145mm, output power 3000W (MAX), net weight: 12KG

ET-700: heater specification model 700x400x20mm S 1, output power 3600W (MAX), net weight: 30KG

There are basically spot transactions. Ten tenders need to be customized. They can be supplied within 2-5 working days and the price can be negotiated.   

Third, the scope of application:

1. Temperature control and heating by automatic dispensing machine in all semiconductor industries.

2. Led manufacturing industry aluminum substrate, LED beads welding, maintenance.

3. Heating of die stamp in die manufacturer.

4. Cake baking, dryness and other temperature experiments of temperature-controlled heating samples in various manufacturing industries are necessary special tools for microorganisms, genetic inheritance, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratories, analysis rooms, teaching and research.

Fourth, instructions for use:

1. Connect to the switching power supply and turn on the "main switch of power supply" when the "indicator" lights up, indicating that the machine and equipment have been powered by the power supply system.

2. Turn on the "warming power switch" machine and equipment to run. The long light of the "warming up display lamp" indicates that the surface operating table has been continuously warming up. The light and shade indicate that the temperature is controlled. At this time, the surface operating table is intermittently warming up.

3. After the application, turn off the "warming power switch" at first, when the part of the machine equipment warming up terminates operation, then the "indicator" is still on, can intermittently warn the machine equipment is still working, do not touch the work control panel. When the control panel is completely water-cooled in the surface work (proposed for 1 hour), turn off the "main power switch".

Fifth, common questions:

1. The working voltage of the switching power supply is 230VAC, and there must be three-hole plug and leakage protector for the wire connector.

2. Cross-professionals should not open the enclosure or modify the internal wiring privately.

3. Invalid hands touch the heater immediately to prevent burns.

4. Disconnect the switching power supply when there is no need for a long time or when you go out.

5. The machine has air-cooled heat pipe to dissipate heat. Do not block the side air intake of the machine.

6. When the fuse tube must be removed, the plug of the power cord must be unplugged before it is removed to prevent the risk of electric shock.

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